Leveraging the Salesforce.com Platform to




Mayer Cloud Consulting  offers all the services necessary for a successful  Salesforce implementation and ongoing success using the Salesforce platform.  Specialties include: data migration, donor management, process automation, reporting and dashboards, outcome tracking, interactive training, and user support.  



Mayer Cloud Consulting uses an agile development approach to ensure that services delivered fully meet the needs of the nonprofit, and that an excellent product is delivered at an affordable cost.  Salesforce implementation projects go through four phases ensuring a successful project:
1) Discovery 2) Development
3) Refinement and 4) Support.  


Mayer Cloud Consulting specializes in leveraging Salesforce for nonprofits at very affordable rates, compared to larger Salesforce consultants.  Collen is a certified Salesforce consultant and administrator, with over ten years developing data solutions to help nonprofits meet their mission.

Affordable,High-Impact  Salesforce Consulting for Nonprofits

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