Mayer Cloud Consulting has successfully implemented a large variety of Salesforce projects which span the full spectrum of nonprofit data needs.  The projects that follow are a few examples of the types of Salesforce implementation projects we have worked on in the past: 


Project 1: Created a new Client Management System for an agency that previously tracked all client activities on variety of spreadsheets, paper files, and legacy data systems.  

Project 2: Designed Outcome Tracking Functionality for a multi-service agency which dynamically reported agency's progress on pre-defined outcomes throughout the year.  This new functionality enabled accurate reporting on outputs and outcomes for grants, and tracking of agency metrics across programs and departments.

Project 3: Facilitated Data Migration of client records from a legacy database system into Salesforce data instance.

Project 4: Created Collective Impact Data System which five different agencies leveraged to  track their client data and jointly report on grant- and community-level collective outcomes. 


Project 5: Upgraded development database to leverage Nonprofit Success Pack to track donations at the household level, accounting for individual and organization giving, soft credits, and company matches; customized reporting according to the agency's development metrics.

Project 6: Developed Goal-Tracking for an agency, matching donations that were made according to five key focus areas of development strategy, so the agency could track progress towards development targets throughout the year


Project 7: Refined In-kind Donation Tracking for an agency, allowing them to more easily track the value and inventory of non-monetary donations that were made, as well as following the items as they are given to clients.


*** The project listed above are only examples of the types of projects which Mayer Cloud Consulting can facilitate.  For a full-list of services offered and project experience, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.